Thursday, May 25, 2006

The West Should Listen To Magdi Allam

Magdi Allam is a native of Egypt who have lived in Italy for the past thirty years. He is a journalist and writer who has been an open critic of Islamic extremism. He has strong opinions about the West's response to the Islamist threat.
"The West thinks the Islamic terrorism that struck New York, London and Madrid is a reaction, a kind of uprising of the poor against the wealthy," he says in an interview with Haaretz. According to Allam, the West does not understand that it is facing an organized attack that is gradually gaining supporters around the world. Following September 11, he says, a new and dangerous front has emerged of Muslim radicals and extreme left- and right-wing elements that must be dealt with forcefully.
"My goal is to free the West from the nihilism that has spread in its midst, from the lack of values that leads to the growth of radical Islam," says Allam. "In the face of the threat from radical Islam, the West must be united and formulate a shared value system that sanctifies life and denounces the right to kill."
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(Via Roger L. Simon).