Monday, May 15, 2006

Third Party Politics

Dick Meyer imagines a third party with a slate of high-profile Senate candidates, and a ticket in 2008 of Michael Bloomberg and Anthony Zinni. This party will have no platform, but will have a core of pragmatism:

- hostile to budget deficits and billing our debts to our children;

- conservative when it comes to conserving and preserving the environment, safety, communities and social traditions;

- intolerant of not solving solvable, manmade problems like the lack of health care insurance and pensions;

- defensive, wary, not cocky, not very intellectual and sometimes humanitarian in its foreign policy;

- belligerent toward the custom of making hot button side issues (gay marriage, flag-burning, partial birth abortion, arts funding, a Spanish national anthem) the main issues; and

- intolerant of the practice of paying crooks with taxpayer dollars.