Monday, May 29, 2006

Major Terrorist Attack Thwarted By IDF

During a nightly patrol soldiers from the Haruv regiment identified two Palestinian suspects moving on the road near the village of Burin,
south of Nablus. The troops called on the men to stop, and when they began escaping, chased after them. During the pursuit, the suspects dropped a bag.

The Palestinians were eventually apprehended and the bag, recovered by the soldiers, was found to be containing an explosive belt. Sappers were called in to the place and promptly dismantled the device.

An initial investigation revealed that one of the detained suspects was set to wear the explosive belt and detonate himself after reaching a location in central Israel.

Senior IDF officials told Ynet that the intelligence alert that led to the arrest is one of the most severe they have received so far. "This was a joint plan of the Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the Popular Front to carry out a large scale terror attack in Israel," an army source explained.