Monday, April 03, 2006

Trashing The Koran

A European restaurant manager working in Bahrain has fled the country after accidentally throwing away copies of translations of the Koran.
A lawsuit against the manager has been filed by MP Mohammed Khalid Mohammed at the Public Prosecutor, which issued a warrant for his arrest.
Shaikh Mohammed said that Interpol should bring the manager to justice like any other criminal.

"I don't care where this manager is, the only thing that matters is for him to be brought back to the country to face the punishment he deserves," he said.

"This is a serious matter and the government shouldn't rest until this man is punished.

"He should have been arrested a long time ago, but everyone knows about the bureaucracy in this country.

"This person has made a mockery of Muslims and Islam and should get the severest punishment possible, but first he should be brought back.

"I am very angry and I will not breathe a sigh of relief until he is behind bars."