Saturday, April 01, 2006

Thoughts On Cynthia McKinney

The circus that has followed Cynthia McKinney's little problem with the Capitol Police is, unfortunately, not at all surprising. Her supporters, mostly on the fringe of the left, rally around her and cry racism. The right excoriates her in a way that borders on racism (and sometimes crosses that border). McKinney's history does little to support her case, and it's good to see that some on the left recognize this:
I'm sorry, but what a pitiful excuse for a Democrat. Yes, let's cry racism and sexism and Democratism, I guess you'd call it, because a cop didn't recognize you and you decided to not even wear your member of Congress pin, or turn around when the cop called out to you while we're at war. Next time, it'll be better if the cop lets strangers without their pins just barge into the halls of Congress, bypass security, and oh blow the hell out of the entire building because they're afraid the person they stop might be - what? - a Democrat?

Like I said, the only thing more pathetic than McKinney is that NOW and the NAACP would lower themselves to attend this ridiculous farce of a press conference. Have they nothing better to do than pander to someone who belittles legitimate concerns about race and gender and political bias?

Pathetic liberal groups, and pathetic Democratic members of Congress. Their funders should cut them all off until they prove the worth of their continued existence.