Friday, April 21, 2006

Media Watch-ABC

Do these people actually believe the garbage that they write? The sub-headline on an ABC article reads:
Lack of Funds and Support May Force Hamas to Return to Violent Ways
Is the writer suggesting that giving terrorists money will prevent them from being violent? If there is any doubt which side this writer is on, there is this:
For the last three weeks the IDF has fired about 4000 shells into Gaza in attempts to stop a handful of militants from firing the Qassams (homemade rockets that are mostly inaccurate) into Israel. (The last Israeli to be killed by a Qassam was in August 2005).

IDF shelling and other 'operations' have resulted in 30 Palestinian deaths, not including six children who were also killed. About 130 other Palestinians have been injured.
Just what is this supposed to mean? Should rocket attacks be ignored, because the weapons are inaccurate? Should Israel respond in kind, rather than using the forces at its disposal to strike back when attacked? I'd like to suggest to the writer that if the Palestinians stopped firing rockets into Israel, than just maybe the Israelis would stop their shelling. This is a pathetic attempt to blame the victim for fighting back. Nope, no bias at ABC.