Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feeling Tired?

The Glittering Eye is tired of many things:
I’m tired of Fortune 1000 CEO’s who make 100’s of millions of dollars when there’s not a doubt in my mind that an Indian CEO every bit as competent could be hired for a fraction of the cost.

I’m tired of companies like United and Ford where the employees hate their jobs while there are other companies (sometimes in the very same industries) like Southwest and Costco where the employees love theirs—even with lower salaries.

I’m tired of our leaders making nice with the cliques of thugs running the most horrible countries in the world because they think there might be a buck in it for an American company somewhere.

I’m tired of false equivalences. Neither we nor our government are as bad as the mullahs in Iran or the religious police in Saudi or the gangsters in the Chinese Politburo. George Bush has lots of shortcomings (where do I begin?). But he’s not a Hitler or a Kim Jong-Il and claiming he is just makes me angry. And tired. Clinton wasn’t as bad as his detractors made out, either.
(Via Donklephant).