Thursday, April 27, 2006

Desperate Times For Hamas

The Hamas-led Palestinian government is weighing softening its stance toward
Israel to ease isolation but not without concessions from the Jewish state and the international community, Hamas officials said on Thursday.

They said ideas such as a 2002 Arab peace initiative, U.N. resolutions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Palestine Liberation Organization's national agenda -- all of which include recognition of Israel -- were on the table.
Does this mean that Hamas is going to be pragmatic and moderate its positions, or that it really needs foreign money?
One expert on Hamas said any softening would not involve a shift in ideology, but be a way to try to get Western aid restored to the
Palestinian Authority and heal a growing rift with President Mahmoud Abbas over government powers.
Question answered. Now, why do I think that this ploy will meet with at least some success?