Friday, March 31, 2006

They're Only Dead Jews

Yesterday, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed four Israelis. Every media account that I've seen, except for those from Israel, said nothing more about the victims. Just about every article did identify the killer. Why does there always seem to be more of a focus on the murderer rather than on the murdered, when it is Israelis being killed?

Thankfully, we have the Jerusalem Post:
Two of the four Israelis killed included an elderly couple - Rafi and Helena Halevy - who lived in the settlement for 20 years. Their funeral was scheduled to be held in Kedumim on Sunday. They are survivied by their four children, one of whom is a Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF.

Another victim was Reut Feldman, a 20-year-old youth from Herzliya who volunteered for national service in Kedumim. Her funeral was conducted in Herzliya on Friday afternoon.

Israel Radio reported that Feldman was on her way from a course in Ra'anana back to Kedumim to work a night shift in the West Bank town, when she was killed by the suicide bomber.

Feldman's aunt revealed that Reut's mother objected to the youth's request to extend her national service by an additional year, for fear of terrorist attacks. Reut's friends told Israel Radio that several months ago she brought her family great pride when she identified a terrorist on his way to perform an attack on Kedumim.

The fourth victim was Kedumim resident, 16-year-old Shaked Laskar. His funeral ceremony took place in the settlement on Friday afternoon.
Follow the link for pictures of the victims. I doubt that you'll find them anywhere else.