Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why Blame The Rioters?

Bending over backwards to excuse fascists (far enough for a cranio-rectal inversion), Michael Conlon writes for Reuters:
The violence linked to cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad is not unique to Islam, experts say, and the protests reflect political and cultural passions more than the faith's core values.

Looking for distinct features that would make Islam liable for the cartoon-related violence around the world does little to explain it, said the Rev. Patrick Gaffney, an anthropologist and expert on Islam at the University of Notre Dame.

"There are parallel behaviors in every tradition," he said. "Buddhism has a violent strain despite its pacifism ... You think about Hinduism and nonviolence but (Mohandas) Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu."
I'll remember that the next time a Tibetan blows up a Chinese bus. See the article for plenty of "root causes" blather.