Thursday, February 16, 2006

A War Within Islam

Islamists try to intimidate other Muslims in Bangladesh:
Islamists in Bangladesh are demanding the government “ban” Ahmadiyya Muslims because they are not “real” Muslims. 4,000 radical Islamists took to the streets of the Muslim neighborhood, scaring many Ahmadiyya Muslims out of their homes. They want to “capture” the Mosque. They have threatened violence if the Bangladeshi authorities intervene.
Well, to their credit, the authorities did intervene. They stood up for religious freedom and blocked these fundamentalist Islamists from bullying the other local Muslims.

To everyone who was so keen on plastering the media with Mohammad cartoons to show “solidarity”, how about giving some credit to the Muslims around the world who are fighting against religious bigotry and bullying just like we are. Where is the west when it is time to stand up and show some actual solidarity with Muslims and the principle of religious freedom?
Here's some backround on this story.

(Via Andrew Sullivan).