Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sharon: The Headlines

1. Sharon suffers massive brain hemorrhage:
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a dominant figure for decades in shaping the Middle East, suffered a massive brain hemorrhage on Wednesday and doctors battled to save his life.
2. Sharon Suffers Life-Threatening Stroke:
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a massive,life-threatening stroke Wednesday and underwent lengthy surgery to drain blood from his brain after falling ill at his ranch. Powers were transferred to his deputy, Ehud Olmert.
3. World leaders wish for Sharon's recovery:
World leaders on Wednesday delivered best wishes to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who had been hospitalized in Jerusalem after suffering a "significant stroke" and a cerebral hemorrhage.
4. Jibril: Sharon illness is 'God's gift':
"We say it frankly that God is great and is able to exact revenge on this butcher. ... We thank God for this gift he presented to us on this new year," Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Syrian-backed faction Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, a small radical group, told the Associated Press.