Friday, January 27, 2006

Pirate Threatens To Kill Hostages

What hostages, you ask? Well, these are future hostages; hostages-to-be:
A Somali pirate has demanded the release of "comrades" captured by the U.S. Navy last week, threatening to kill hostages in the future if the call was not heeded, according to media reports on Friday.
"The Americans should release the 10 men they are holding," said Garaad Mohamud Mohamed, who told Shabeelle radio he was speaking on behalf of the captured pirates.

"If they don't we will kill any hostages we capture and attack any ships unlawfully plying our waters."

Two Somali ministers dismissed Mohamed's threat saying the latest arrests were part of a government plan to fight piracy along Somalia's long coastline.
Sounds like kind of a shaky negotiating tactic.