Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Danish Cartoons

Andrew Sullivan has two very good posts about the "controversy" over cartoons that depicted Mohammed, and appeared in a Danish newspaper.
Yes, they're blasphemous to strict Muslims. So what? Free countries do not ban blasphemy. Compared to the real blasphemy of extremist Muslims murdering innocent civilians, these cartoons are pitifully tame.
Sullivan comments on Bill Clinton's criticism of the cartoons, in which Clinton called them "outrageous":
These cartoons help expose the brutalization of women, the use of violence in defense of faith, the idiocy of suicide bombers allegedly going to heaven, and so on. If we cannot speak of these things without giving offense, then we have lost our ability to discuss freely the most significant cultural shift of our time: the rise and rise[sic][risk, maybe?] of religious fundamentalism.
Check the ADL website to see what kinds of cartoons are more acceptable in the Arab world.

Update: More cartoons from the Arab world.