Thursday, December 08, 2005

What Is An Arab?

It's very easy to have pre-conceived notions of cultures that you have never personally experienced. Many Americans (including myself) have never been to the Middle East, and we develop our views about the region without direct contact.

Lebanon.profile, filling in at Michael Totten's blog, thinks that Americans have a poor understanding of the complex demographics in the Middle East.
The way Americans think about the Middle East is the very way that pan-Arabists and pan-Islamists want them to think about the Middle East: it's a region of Arabic speaking Muslims who don't drink alcohol, hate the United States, want to destroy Israel and massacre Jews, and want a revolutionary socialist government.
The term Arab is about as useful as the term American. It doesn't tell you all that much. A recent immigrant from the Asian subcontinent and the descendent of Mayflower migrants have little in common culturally. And it's similar here.
Read it all for an informative lesson.

(Via Instapundit).