Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Terrorist Killed By Israeli Missile

Here's the story:
An Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a car carrying Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, Israeli and Palestinian officials said, killing at least one terrorist and wounding 10 other people.

Israeli military sources said the target was Mahmoud Arkan, who is a member of the Popular Resistance Committees. Palestinian sources confirmed that the dead terrorist was indeed Arkan.
Was he actually a terrorist? What does the media think? Some headlines:

CNN: "Palestinian activist killed"
BBC: "Israel air strike kills militant"

Here's more of the story:
According to the IDF, Akran was responsible for a substantial number of the terror attacks carried out in the area of Rafah during the past few months. These include anti tank missile attacks and shooting attacks against IDF forces.
In June 2005, the army said, Arkan was involved in an attack, in which anti-tank missiles were launched at a construction team near the "Girit" outpost. An IDF NCO was killed and two IDF soldiers were wounded.

Arkan operated in coordination with the Islamic Jihad, the Abu Rish faction and non-affiliated terrorists, in order to carry out terror attacks and smuggle weaponry into the Gaza Strip, the officials added.
Yes, terrorist it is.

Update: CNN has changed their headline.