Friday, December 30, 2005

The Eye Of The Beholder

Sometimes it's interesting to read different press accounts of the same events. Without a doubt, there was some level of chaos at the Gaza-Egypt border. Palestinian police, reacting to the death of a colleague, either stormed, blockaded, or gathered peacefully at the border crossing. European observers fled the area, or briefly withdrew to their offices.

Palestinian Police Storm Gaza-Egypt Border

Palestinian policemen angry over the killing of a fellow officer stormed the Gaza-Egypt border crossing Friday, firing shots in the air and forcing European monitors to close the border and flee, Palestinian and European officials said.
Police protest forces closure of Gaza border

Gazan policemen incensed at the death of an officer in a clan clash blockaded the border with Egypt on Friday, prompting European monitors to briefly withdraw in a new blow to Palestinian efforts to curb chaos.
Police halt border crossings in anarchic Gaza

Palestinian police have added to the sense of anarchy in the
Gaza Strip by forcing a halt to crossings into Egypt as security forces continued their search for three kidnapped Britons.

Around 100 members of the police force gathered outside the front of the Rafah terminal on Friday, prompting staff to retreat to their offices for a brief period, in protest against the killing of one of their colleagues on Thursday.

An official at the terminal told AFP that it was a "peaceful protest" and that the workers at the crossing had returned to their offices as a precautionary measure.
Update: Now, it was a "rampage".