Monday, December 12, 2005

Car Bombs In Lebanon

The targets are anti-Syrian leaders. Hmm...
Today, the general manager of the anti-Syrian, pro-independence newspaper An Nahar and a legislator from Beirut was assassinated by a car bomb. Almost all of Gebran Tueni’s editorials that have been published in the English-language version of the paper, Naharnet, have been against Syria. The last one published called the mass graves discovered by Lebanese authorities a crime against humanity.
The pattern of car bombings has always been apparent. They all target anti-Syrian leaders mainly from the Christian and Sunni communities. After a long occupation this goes to show just how well Syria has learned the vulnerabilities that can be exploited in Lebanon’s system of government, the consociational system. For one, the system is highly susceptible to external influences, as Syrian occupation and Hezbollah’s integration into the political system has shown.
Also, the system is highly dependent on a stable group of elites that represent their communities. The targetting of prominent anti-Syrian politicians from the Maronite and Sunni communities is meant to erode the leadership of those communities, as they are the center of power in Lebanon now, to the point where they are in disarray.