Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Virginia Vote

Democrat Tim Kaine has defeated Republican Jerry Kilgore in the race for Governor in Virginia. Republican Bill Bolling will be the new Lt. Governor, and Republican Robert McDonnell is ahead in a close race for Attorney General, with 97% of the vote counted.

Larry Sabato was just on the local news here in Richmond, and he believes that Tim Kaine's victory will give a boost to Mark Warner's possible Presidential run. In a traditionally conservative state, Tim Kaine, who is to the left of Mr. Warner,
rode into office on the popular governor's coattails.

While it currently appears that Republicans have won the other two statewide races, the small margin of victory may be a sign of increasing power for Democrats in Virginia. The race for Lt. Governor was especially close, considering the fact that Bill Bolling (R) is considered to be quite conservative, while his opponent, Leslie Byrne (D), was seen as being to the left of fellow Democrat Tim Kaine.

On a personal note, I would like to congratulate Frank Cifarelli, who undertook his first campaign in a run for the State House in New Jersey. Unfortunately, he was not victorious, as he was forced to wage an uphill battle, running as a Republican in the heavily Democratic 37th District.