Monday, November 14, 2005

Those French "African-Americans" (PC Euphemism Alert)

I just saw this story from a few days ago. It seems that with the widespread use of the term "African-American", people just don't know how to describe "people of color" who are not American.

Case in point: CNN's anchor Carol Lin ("Asian-American", I presume) was commenting about a report on the French riots:
[Chris] Burns reported: “The priority right now is to restore order before trying to deal with some of the underlying issues, but even after what [French President Jacque] Chirac said, we’re seeing more violence. What you could point out, though, is that there is at this point about half as many vehicles torched as the night before, so you might call that progress, Carol.”

“Hard to say,” Lin responded, “because it’s been 11 days since two African-American teenagers were killed, electrocuted during a police chase, which prompted all of this.”
Actually, the teenagers were of Tunisian origin, and they were French citizens. Time for a new euphemism.