Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election Lessons

From Michael Barone (this was written before election results were in):
If Kaine wins [in Virginia], one of the losers will be Hillary Rodham Clinton. Reason: that will be a big boost for outgoing Gov. Mark Warner, who has very high job ratings and wants to run for president in 2008. Warner will argue that Democrats need a moderate who can win states like Virginia, which Bush won 54 percent to 45 percent. A Kaine win will add strength to this argument.

Few in mainstream media will probably pay much attention to New York City, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg leads Democrat Fernando Ferrer by 2-to-1 margins in polls. And the national implications of this race are limited. But they do teach one lesson. When the Democrats nominate a left-wing candidate, they can lose, even in a city that voted 75 percent to 24 percent for John Kerry.
Also, RealClearPolitics has an election roundup.