Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sheriff Got Back?

Michelle Mitchell is the sheriff of Richmond, Virginia. Her time as sheriff has not been without controversy.
She was investigated by the feds for allegedly using profits from the City Jail to benefit herself, though no charges were filed. She has been ridiculed for putting her name on sheriff's department cars. More recently, an inmate at the jail was charged with escaping his cell, thanks to faulty locks, and killing another inmate.
Now, she is in the news again. When Ms. Mitchell filed her campaign documents with the State Board of Elections, she apparently gave her personal e-mail address in a space that was designated for her campaign e-mail address.

This address was made public on the Board of Elections website, and it is, "".

Ray McAllister of the Richmond Times-Dispatch contacted Ms. Mitchell. She did confirm that it was her personal e-mail address, but she would not make any further comments about it.

The state website now shows a different e-mail address, but another candidate for sheriff, C.T. Woody, can be contacted at "".