Friday, October 14, 2005

Optimism About Iraq

How far do you have to go to find a positive story about Iraq in the press? Try Thailand:
If Iraq of the future devolves into civil conflict, tomorrow's election makes it more likely that the battles will be on the political stumps, and not in the streets. In any case, the citizens of every country have the right to set the course of their nation, vote for their leaders and demand daily accountability from the representatives elected. A vote for the new constitution, a vote against it or a reasoned, thinking decision not to vote _ all of these move forward both democracy and freedom in Iraq.It is remarkable that a country so violently torn by daily bombs and battles can debate, write and then vote on a national constitution.
While this editorial may be overly positive, it's refreshing to be exposed to a viewpoint that is rare in the American media.

(Via Alarming News.)