Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why I Am No Longer a Democrat, #23

Daily Kos sees fit to link to this post from The News Blog, which is an expletive filled rant. Could you lunatics on the far left please do or say something constructive instead of whining and spewing hate?

Here's a small sample of the bile:
Well, motherf******, and that means you, fat ass Goldberg and your master, Rich Lowry, PNAC Bitch Beinart, the racist wannabe white Malkin and the little f***tards at LGF, Bareback Andy and "Diversity" Instacracker, all you backstabbing, fag hating uncle tom ministers, you can see Dear Leader in action. America's largest port is gone, maybe forever, gas is $5+ a gallon and FEMA is coming. Whores come faster with old men than FEMA is getting to NOLA.
Drunken Chris Hitchens muttered some nonsense about blacks having it so good here. The poor man needs to stay in his bottle or go to Betty Ford before someone beats his treasonous ass stupid. Islamofascism means what, now mother******? Shove Islamofascism up your well travelled ass. The most dangerous thing to average Americans is not some mullah in Iraq, not even Osama Bin Laden, but George Bush.
Will you people ever get it? You call George Bush a racist while you dispense slur upon slur. Way to go.