Friday, September 02, 2005

VDH Friday

Victor Davis Hanson looks back at the month that just passed, in "Our Dogs Days". He has thoughts on Cindy Sheehan, Iraq, and more.

He has questions for the Palestinians:
Since the Palestinian Authority has declared that Gaza will reopen its airport for international travel, will Hamas, Hezbollah, or Islamic Jihad provide the pilots, air-traffic control, and security to protect civilian passengers from masked hijackers, suicide bombers, and missile launchers?
He has questions about the rising price of oil:
(1) Will the jihadists finally stop talking about oil theft and start worrying about the Arab world’s price-gauging of petroleum-hungry impoverished poor Muslims in Africa and Asia? (2) Will any of this money go to the Palestinians, who apparently are now asking the strapped Europeans and Americans to resume aid to subsidize Gaza? (3) How many of these plentiful petrodollars will be recycled to jihadists and arms merchants — and what would Saddam and the Oil-for-Food thieves have done with an extra $20-30 billion a year to play with?