Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Media Watch-Reuters

On the day of the death of Simon Wiesenthal, every media outlet that I have seen, including al-Jazeera, has had nothing but praise for this great man. While Reuters does have an obituary, it has also decided to focus on this: "Few Nazis still to be snared after Wiesenthal death."

Sure, this may be a legitimate issue for discussion. However, it is inappropriate on the day of his death. From the title of the article, one may assume that the context may be the success of Mr. Wiesenthal's efforts to bring Nazis to justice. However, the lasting impression is that Reuters is commenting on the futility of continuing this work:
"The hunt for Nazis is no longer relevant. There are no important Nazis alive any more, essentially. Any left would be too old to be of interest," Yosef Lapid, a Holocaust survivor and former Israeli justice minister, said in a radio interview.
Again, while this topic is open to discussion, why print this on the day of Simon Wiesenthal's death? On this day, we should be commemorating his life, and his work. After his life was nearly cut short by hate, he dedicated himself to the cause of justice. This is a time for tributes, and this Reuters story is unseemly.