Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mary Mapes Still Doesn't Get It

Mary Mapes, a former CBS news producer, has written a book in which she attacks bloggers who uncovered the fact that the infamous Bush National Guard memo was not authentic. Rand Simberg slices and dices:
Well, some of them [bloggers] (unlike you, apparently) were smart enough to call the fax number on the memo, and determine that it came from a Kinko's in Texas. And though there was in fact analysis of what the documents actually said, which also helped torpedo them, it was in fact enough, Mary. It's hard (perhaps impossible) to prove that a document is authentic, but it only takes one solid strike against its validity to show it to be inauthentic. And the fact that you still don't understand that, or understand basic logic at all, is why you are now out of a job, and should never have had that job to begin with. This isn't merely "stuck on stupid." This is turned all the way up to eleven on stupid.