Monday, September 12, 2005

Cut The Pork, Part 2

During times of national crisis, two Democratic Presidents, FDR and Truman, cut non-defense spending by more than 20%. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Congress passed a $62 billion bill for relief funds. Last month, it passed a pork-laden highway bill.

Doesn't this warrant a call for fiscal responsiblity and common sense? A strong leader sometimes has to make tough choices for the good of the country. A small amount of sacrifice is all that is needed at this time, but so far, we hear nothing.

John Fund:
One successful test to see if a democracy is mature should be its ability to establish priorities, streamline procedures and engage in fresh, new thinking after a national emergency. While the jury is still out, I fear that the White House and Congress have decided instead to throw money at the ravaged Gulf Coast and ignore the example of FDR and Truman. Both of them, for example, would have known exactly what to do with the nonessential parts of the $286 billion bloated highway bill that has just been signed into law.