Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wasn't There Already A Cease-Fire?

From AP:
A major Palestinian militant group promised Wednesday it would fire no more rockets at Israelis during Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, after a barrage inadvertently killed a 5-year-old Palestinian boy.
Oops. I guess rocket attacks are okay, until you miss and kill Palestinians. Someone should sell them better weapons.
The pledge by Islamic Jihad could ease the pullout, set to begin Aug. 15. Islamic Jihad has been responsible for many attacks on Israeli targets in recent weeks, making the group one of the biggest threats to a smooth withdrawal...

...The group has attacked Israeli targets repeatedly throughout a six-month truce between Israel and the Palestinians, saying it was acting to avenge Israeli violations. Its attacks have included two suicide bombings during that time.
That's a great truce they had going.

Meryl Yourish has an analysis of the usual bias in earlier reports of this story.