Saturday, August 13, 2005

There Will Be No Peace

With terrorists promising to continue their "resistance" after Israel's Gaza withdrawal, it should be clear that there will not be peace until these groups are controlled or eliminated; preferably by the Palestinians themselves. This is their obligation under the roadmap to peace, which seems to be ignored unless it is being used to criticize Israel. Remember this:
Hamas and Islamic Jihad also held separate celebrations in the Gaza Strip, where leaders of the two groups announced that the fight against Israel would continue even after the "escape of the Zionist enemy" from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank. They also declared that their groups would not abandon their weapons after the disengagement and would not join the PA security forces.

Local reporters were invited on Friday to watch more than 1,000 Hamas gunmen in military fatigue and armed with AK-47 rifles and RPG rocket-propelled grenades stage a mock attack on an Israeli settlement. It was the biggest show of strength by Hamas's armed wing in years.

At another Hamas rally in Jabalya refugee camp, thousands of Palestinians attended a "graduation ceremony" for new recruits belonging to the movement's armed wing, Izzaddin Kassam.

Addressing the rally, which was held in a football stadium, Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said: "This [Hamas] army will continue to defend the Palestinian people. As long as one inch of our land remains under occupation, these weapons will remain in the hands of the Hamas soldiers. These young men will continue to train others until all Palestinians are turned into fighters so that we could liberate Palestine from the [Jordan] river to the sea."
[Emphasis mine].