Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Gaza Thoughts

Hamas banner: "The blood of martyrs has led to liberation."

Is the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza based on negotiation and the roadmap to peace, or is it a victory for terrorism?

Lee Harris:
If there is a roadmap to be found in all of this, it is a roadmap that informs the terrorists that what is required in order to defeat the West is just a bit of patience and persistence -- and, of course, the blood of future martyrs. This, of course, is not how the Bush administration sees it, nor is it how the current Israeli government sees it. But it is certainly how the militant Palestinians see it -- and, in the end, it is their interpretation of the Gaza pull out that will matter.

We can tell them that it was Western goodwill and Israeli generosity that had prompted the withdrawal; but the militants will conclude that their triumph was their own doing, brought about by Yasser Arafat's Intifada.