Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's A Grand Old Flag

Hamas is hard at work preparing for the Israeli pullout from Gaza. Working the propaganda mill to its full extent, they seek to claim credit for Israel's withdrawal. Hamas flags will fly in Gaza, and the hyperbole attack is ongoing:
"With the blood of our martyrs we kicked the enemies out," read one new Hamas banner in Abu Khaled's shop, alluding to a Palestinian revolt that raged from 2000 until a ceasefire this year that has been generally heeded by militant factions.

"Gaza is the start of liberation and it will not be the last departure of the occupation," said another banner in the shop, whose walls were adorned by posters of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, assassinated by Israeli forces in 2004.
Of course, it's all very simple. Hamas is looking for increased support in order to further its agenda of eliminating Israel. They see this as a first step to that end. The reality is that a strengthened Hamas would hurt chances for a peaceful two-state solution, and would cause Palestinians more hardship. The only path to peace is the repudiation of terrorism, and for the middle to rule.