Tuesday, August 23, 2005

After The Withdrawal-News Roundup

The Good:
Bush: Palestinians must take next step
The Palestinians have the onus of moving forward on the road map, US President George Bush said on Tuesday. In a conversation with reporters in Idaho, where Bush is vacationing, the President made it clear that the Palestinians must take the next step towards peace, by reforming their government and their security forces.
The Bad:
PA won't disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad
"We [PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei and Musa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas leader based in Syria] stressed during the meeting that the Palestinians have the right to continue the resistance [against Israel] and that there would be no attempt to collect weapons from the resistance groups," he [Abu Marzouk] said.

"The weapons of the resistance were founded to defend the Palestinian people and resist the occupation," he added. "The Gaza victory was achieved with the weapons of the resistance, which is the only strategy to drive Israel out of the rest of our lands."
The Ugly:
Palestinians may rename settlements after Arafat, Yassin
(Via LGF).