Sunday, July 24, 2005

Reaction To The Death Of An Innocent Man

Joe Gandelman has a round-up of reactions to the killing of an innocent man who was suspected of being a suicide bomber in London, along with his own thoughts:
It is a tragedy, but how can officials solve this one? Waiting too long could mean if the person is a suicide bomber police, bystanders, etc could be blown up. Shoot quickly could mean someone who panics at the wrong time, misunderstands what's going on and is either highly suspcious or flees, etc. could wind up on a slab in a morgue.

It's the quintessential debate about balancing rights of the individual and the common good — and it's likely be a huge debate particularly if there are more innocent deaths.
In the end, the terrorists themselves are the ones to blame, due to their strategy of blending into the population. It's unfortunate that they have forced us to make such difficult, and costly (in terms of innocent life) decisions.