Thursday, July 28, 2005

Media Watch

Davids Medienkritik reports that Spiegel Online is rather loosely translating its articles from German to English. A headline about Iraq at Spiegel Online's English website asks, "Is the Country Heading for Civil War?" However:
In the German version, the headline clearly indicates that a civil war is already beginning, whereas in the English version, the headline is far more speculative and simply asks whether the country could be heading towards civil war. In fact, the article's actual content completely contradicts the English version's altered headline. The eleventh paragraph of the magazine's English translation reads:

"This civil war, which has in fact been underway for some time, isn't just frightening the citizens of Baghdad, whose lives have become a living hell as a result."

So if the civil war "has in fact been underway for some time," why would you lead the story with a headline asking if the country is "heading for civil war?
The English website also lacks some of the content of the original German site:
On the whole, SPIEGEL's "English Site" is noticeably less strident in terms of its anti-American, anti-British tone when compared to its German-language counterpart. Few of the magazine's harshest articles, (the sort that we frequently post about here on Davids Medienkritik), ever make it onto the "English Site." Now why might that be? Is SPON afraid to tell English-language readers what it really thinks of them?
(Via Instapundit).