Friday, July 22, 2005

Media Watch-Who Do You Believe? (Update)

Yesterday, I compared two stories; one from Reuters, and one from Haaretz, which were both about the murder of a Palestinian boy. The Reuters article told of unnamed witnesses who blamed Israeli settlers for the crime, while Haaretz reported that Palestinian officials had told the IDF that fellow Palestinians had been responsible.

Reuters has a follow-up:
...senior Palestinian security officials investigating the incident said on Thursday there was no evidence that settlers had been behind the stabbing.

Rase Rajbeh, a Preventive Security official from Nablus, said police were investigating the possibility the boy was stabbed as part of a feud with another Palestinian family or that he was killed by Palestinian criminals.
Of course, that didn't prevent them from printing the original, erroneous report. Why bother confirming a story if it fits your agenda? Does Reuters know the difference between news and propaganda? Does Reuters care?