Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Martyr Kits

The NY Post has obtained documents that reveal how would-be suicide bombers can see that their families are taken care of financially after they have completed their despicable missions.
These [martyr] kits ensure that the families of Hamas, PLO and Palestinian Islamic Jihad killers get generous "charitable donations" from Saudi Arabia-based organizations and, while he was in power, Saddam Hussein.

Much of the kit's paperwork carries the corporate logo of the Arab Bank — the Middle East's most important and influential financial institution — and the numbers of the accounts through which his family was paid.

Replete with florid Arabic tributes to dead terrorists, the paperwork explains the manner of death, making it clear that the bank knew exactly whom it was giving money to and why.
A spokesman for the Arab Bank denied that it would do business with known terrorists or terrorist organizations.