Tuesday, July 19, 2005

BS Meter Alert

A terrorist speaks:
Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar rejected Palestinian Authority claims that the firing of rockets on Israel was causing damage to Palestinian interests, saying the attacks had brought about the decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip...

..."Who said that the rockets are harmful to the national interests of the Palestinians," Zahar asked. "History has proven that the rockets have been in the interests of the Palestinians. The rockets have forced Israel to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, and they will end the occupation in the future. It's the resistance, and not the negotiations, that brought about the end of the occupation."
This is such utter and complete nonsense that any comments seem superfluous. Whether the Hamas leader really believes this, or if it is merely political rhetoric is beside the point. Talk like this only serves to damage whatever chances for peace may exist. It also proves (I'm talking to you, Europe) that Hamas is not part of the solution in the Middle East.

Hamas has made it clear (just read their charter) that they want to destroy Israel. Either the Palestinians themselves or the Israelis can do what needs to be done. If there is to be a peaceful, two-state solution, Hamas, and other terrorist groups must be dealt with first.

(via Meryl Yourish)