Monday, June 20, 2005

What's It All About?

Welcome. As a regular reader of a number of blogs, I've decided to attempt to write one. I will probably write some original material, although I plan on having an emphasis on providing links to things that I find interesting, important, or just funny. My focus will be on current events and politics, although I'd like to throw in some sports as well. I also have an interest in media bias.

I was born at the end of the baby boom, and I'm sure that my perspectives have been shaped by the times that I have experienced. I was a Democrat until a few years ago, and I now consider myself to be an Independent. If I fit into a category, it's most likely "Eagle, " which I've seen mentioned most often by Andrew Sullivan. He describes an Eagle as someone who is socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and strong on defense. Many Eagles are former Liberals who had their world views changed by 9/11. I was already heading in that direction, and the attacks against this nation merely helped to push me along.

I had lived in New York until I relocated to Virginia in 1997. I am enjoying life at a slower speed than is possible in NY, although I would prefer if I did not have to resort to making my own bagels.

The look of my blog may change over time as I become more comfortable with the format, and discover what I can do with it. For now, please excuse the lack of polish.